Surgical Assistant Billing (Upcoming)

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30 minutes


What is this about?

It is more important that you know how to bill, rather than just what to bill. We strongly encourage you to spend the time learning how to bill correctly before launching into this course, some of which may not make complete sense without the background learning.

This course is designed to follow on from the courses in the medical billing essentials pack, we suggest you undertake those courses before this one.

Upon completion of this course you will be able to bill with more confidence as you will now have a greater understanding of intricacies of Surgical Assistant billing.

Time Commitment:

30 Minutes, self-paced



Mode of Delivery:



What the course covers

Are you a Surgical Assistant and want to know how to bill rather than just what to bill? Join us today to gain an in-depth understanding on this specialist billing and stand out from the crowd.
How the course is conducted

This course has been designed to be completely independent and self-paced meaning there is no need for intervention from a trainer.


Short Q&A and MCQ.

You are allowed to go back and forth in the courses and re-do quizzes multiple times