Clinical Coding ICD-10AM / ACHI 11th Edition



This Unit of Competency describes the process of extracting correct clinical data from simple medical records.

2000 hours


What is this about?

This Unit of Competency describes the process of extracting correct clinical data from simple medical records. A simple medical record is defined as a medical record generated by an episode of care involving day stay, day surgery, planned surgery or simple medical problems with an average length of stay.

This Unit consists of 14 subjects covering all body systems as well as a range of key coding concepts.

Who wrote this course?

Anna Coote

Anna Coote started her career as a Health Information Manager in 1981. Her career has included working in hospitals, teaching and consulting. Anna has over 20 years’ experience managing Clinical Coders and the business of Clinical Coding – having established the first Clinical Coding company in Australasia. Hospitals at which Anna has worked as a Clinical Coder over the last 10 years include St Vincent’s Public Hospital (Darlinghurst NSW); Mt Isa Base Hospital; Orange District Hospital (NSW), Sydney Day Surgery; Double Bay Day Hospital (Sydney); St Luke’s Private Hospital (Sydney); Princess Alexandra Hospital (Brisbane) and Mater Hospital (Brisbane). Anna has also consulted internationally in countries which have adopted Australia’s clinical coding framework.

Who is this for?

This is for individuals looking to work as Clinical Coders in a hospital or healthcare environment.


Payable in two equal instalments, the first upon enrolment and the second half-way through the course.

Time Commitment:

2000 hours

All learners are allocated up to 12 months to complete their course, however most self-paced learners take 9 months to complete it.
At the end of the sixth subject, learners will be job-ready to undertake endoscopy coding.
Learners may choose an alternative subject or subjects relevant to their current or future job if they do not require the endoscopy subject.

Mode of Delivery:




The demand for medical coders is rising. Here’s an exciting opportunity to start your career or make the switch to the world of coding clinical data. Our introductory coding course teaches you to code quickly and accurately using ICD-11-AM and Turbocoder. Get ready to provide efficient and effective medical record service through our course. It includes:

• Workbooks and learning resources through our LMS
• Instructions to access TurboCoder, the software required for this course
• Instructions to buy the text book required for this course
• E-mail and Skype correspondence with the trainer
• Access to our assessment software