Pricing Health Insurance Products



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1 hour


What is this about?

Do health insurers really charge exorbitant fees for the products they sell? This short course will give you a basic understanding of the process health insurers work through to price their products, written by an expert who priced them in Australia for years.

Who wrote this course?

Lisa McPherson

Lisa has worked for over 15 years in various roles in Health Insurance in Australia, from a product specialist to General Management and has developed many new health insurance products and services. Lisa returned to Australia in 2017 after working in Dubai for 2 years as the General Manager of Emirates Airlines’ global self-insured and managed employee health insurance scheme.

Time Commitment:

1 hour, self-paced



Mode of Delivery:



What the course covers

Are you confused or feel you lack understanding when it comes to health insurance pricing? Don’t worry you are not alone! This sector is complex so we have put together a short course to help you understand the different ways health insurance products are priced. Upon completion of the course you will have a good understanding across a wide range of topics, from the way costs change over time, the different ways that premiums are impacted and what even is a risk pool. If this all sounds a little unfamiliar at the moment, don’t worry, our short course will leave you confident in your understanding of this tricky subject. We are aiming to improve health system literacy for all, and greater understanding on topics such as this will empower consumers and health professionals alike.

How the course is conducted

This course has been designed to be completely independent and self-paced meaning there is no need for intervention from a trainer.


Short Q&A and MCQ.

You are allowed to go back and forth in the courses and re-do quizzes multiple times